EV Guides for Drivers

The complete guide to help you with the next generation of e-mobility. Our electric vehicle guide looks at the most commonly asked questions from New Zealand.As always if you have any questions give the team at EVSE New Zealand a call.

  • Incentives for EV charging in Australia Icon
    Incentives for EV charging in Australia

    This article looks at the subsidies and incentives that the Australian government puts in place for EV car users.

  • How Long does it take to charge an electric car? Icon
    How Long does it take to charge an electric car?

    This comprehensive guide breaks down how long it takes to charge your electric car.

  • Electric Car Charging Etiquette Icon
    Electric Car Charging Etiquette

    An article that advisors use how to engage others when charging your EV.

  • How to Buy an EV Icon
    How to Buy an EV

    Choosing a car for yourself can be difficult. This article advises you what to look out for, when buying an EV.

Charging Your Electric Vehicle

  • Your Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Cables and Adaptors

    If you live in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you might have noticed a new type of EV Charger being installed at your workplace, shopping centre or council car park. These EV Charging stations don’t have a tethered cable like traditional EV charging stations but instead ...

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Rates. The Difference between AC & DC

    In comparison Direct Current (DC) chargers refer to rapid chargers where a vehicle can be charged to 80% capacity within around 30 mins. These units are usually very large, heavy and expensive requiring extensive power and network upgrades. DC charging stations are usually used by fleet ...

  • Charging Your Electric Car in Public

    Electric cars are the biggest change in the automotive industry in 100 years. A fundamental shift from internal combustion to battery powered vehicles. Whether you’ve own an electric car or you’re dipping your toes in the water it’s important to understand how to access and ...

  • Everything you need to know about home charging

    For some EV drivers, such as those with Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) with a small range 30-50km, the standard portable charger that comes with the vehicle may be enough to cover their needs. These trickle chargers can plug into a 10amp or 15amp home socket, and ...

  • Can I own an electric car (EV) in New Zealand if I live in an apartment?

    A common misconception is that EV charging can be difficult for people that live in an apartment and also want to own an electric car. Given the rising population growth in New Zealand's capital cities and a shift toward apartment living, this is a potential sticking point for many drivers considering a ...

  • EV Infrastructure in Australia

    EV infrastructure is one of the key barriers often cited by potential EV drivers or those looking to switch to their first electric car. EV infrastructure refers to the availability of EV charging stations (EVSE) found in easy to access public areas including workplaces, car parks, council areas and ...

  • Can I charge my electric vehicle in the rain?

    Your Nissan Leaf is running low on charge and its pouring rain outside. You pull up to the nearest EVSE ChargePoint and you’re basically knees deep in a puddle. Standing there in your slippers, you wonder, given that you know electricity and water do not mix, does this mean that ...

  • EVSE breaks down DC Fast Chargers

    DC charging for your Electric Vehicle is the closest thing to re-fuelling a traditional vehicle. It’s the way most people envisage charging their Electric vehicle when they first consider switching, but the reality is it’s not a necessity for everyday EV charging. This is because most ...

Driving your Electric Vehicle

  • How to maintain your
    EV’s Battery life
  • What is range anxiety
    and you be worried
  • 10 Reasons to Own
    an Electric Car
  • Approximate Range & Price for the
    top 10 electric cars in Australia

Finance and Costs

  • Which electric vehicle can you get for under 60K?

    The Korean car manufacturers have recently excelled in the Australian’s car market, standing out from the crowd with their affordable pricing while offering features that can only be found in the luxury car segment 2-3 years ago.

  • What EV can you get for over 60K?

    EVE New Zealand offers units in various ratings, with differing features and capabilities – the smallest being 4.6kW right up to 22kW connected commercial grade units and everything in between.

  • V2G- Vehicle to Grid – The Future or Expensive Failure?

    The majority of EV’s spend around 23 hours of the day stationery. What if we could use this time for temporary stationary storage? What if the energy stored in your vehicle battery could be returned to the power grid at times of ...

  • How much does it cost to set up an EV Charging Station?

    Electric vehicle uptake is growing rapidly across New Zealand as all the major car manufactures begin releasing more affordable EV’s with ever increasing range. We will begin to see mass market EV’s arriving on our shores in the coming ...

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