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What do you want to offer your customers, and how do you want to support your dealers? We’ve got answers that provide differentiated advantages, with bulletproof protection of your brand.

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To partner with EVSE is an easy decision for any EV heavy vehicle fleets or manufacturers. Our range, installation service and the excellent experience your customers will enjoy is just the start. At the centre of our offer is the packaging of solutions that fit the needs of your customers, dealers, service centres and your business needs.


Our commitment extends beyond providing charging infrastructure – we aim to facilitate a smooth and integrated transition to electric heavy-duty transport. Choosing EVSE means embracing a holistic approach to electrification, supported by our expertise and dedication to delivering solutions that make a lasting impact on the success of your EV initatives.

Benefits of electric trucks.

Electric trucks are emerging as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel trucks, addressing over 25% of CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. The advantages of having a fleet of electric trucks include:

Reduced fuel costs: Electric truck operate on cheaper electricity.

Maintenance savings: Fewer moving parts result in lower maintenance costs.

Government incentives: Tax credits and subsidies makes electric trucks financially attractive.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Parity: Despite higher upfront costs, benefits lead to TCO parity.

Picture featuring: Ocular Roam Portable DC Charger. Learn about the benefits of this charger here. 


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Our expertise is yours

We treat every business relationship as a partnership, not a transaction. Choosing EVSE is an intelligent business decision based on value for money today and value created over every kilometre travelled. It’s advice that covers you, your EV, installation and your understanding of energy use.

Hardware & Software

We partner with the world’s leading suppliers to bring the best technology to our customers including Ocular, Tritium, Schneider Electric, and ABB. All of our hardware is OCPP compliant and can be configured to best match our customers needs.

Our chargers are supported by software and mobile apps that inform you about usage while helping you to reduce energy costs and maximise vehicle uptime.

Engineering & Operation

Our team of Electrical engineers can help to design and implement solutions for all your day-to-day requirements including load management and more.

We make sure that your site is futured-proofed and scalable, so when your EV demand increases, you have the confidence to scale your charging infrastructure with ease.

Installation and Support

EVSE’s experienced electrical teams will provide you with installation ensuring minimal downtime, project visibility and an overall seamless experience.

We believe the relationship starts at the end of an installation. We aim to support your transition to electric, which is why we provide on-going, effective, technical support to you and your business, now and & into the future.

Our EV Solutions are Trusted by Some of the Region's Biggest Brands

Outstanding Customer Experiences

Everything we do is focused on making life better for our customers. Work with us to design an EV charging implementation that best suits your site, vehicle flow and utility needs.

We also offer education to your auto sales team. Use EVSE resources to build electrification expertise around both EVs and EV charging in order to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

New Zealand’s most complete range of EV charging products and solutions

The most vital aspect of EV ownership beyond the reliability of your fleet is managing vehicle utilisation and charging efficiency. Your ability to master your charging infrastructure and usage directly benefits your business operations and energy costs.

That’s why EVSE goes further for our partners with technology, software, and integrations support that optimises every moment in the life of your vehicles.

We help you plan your vehicle run-time capacity with load sharing across the grid and stored renewable energy. We’ll help you consider a roadmap for future development and its implications for upgrades, space requirements and load management.

Use the Exploren platform to easily manage bus fleet charging

  • Control chargers from anywhere in the world. Start, stop, and analyse charging all from the palm of your hand
  • Monitor fleet electricity consumption
  • View your charging history and account for energy used across locations
  • Easily add new drivers and vehicles
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Nationwide EV Installation

What does this include?

  1. Customer is contacted within 24 hours of enquiry by EVSE to book site inspection

  2. Evaluate building supply & tailor cost effective solution by our expert team

  1. Install EV chargers in carpark with either a simple plug & play or managed solution

  2. Industry leading warranty with service agreements available to ensure safe long term use

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EVSE believes in a green sustainable future by delivering the latest EV Charging technology at the lowest price. All our work is certified and guaranteed with the backing of global brands.

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