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Enable EV adoption within your business and drive your sustainability goals

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EVSE provides a full-turnkey EV charging solution including software, hardware, installation, and support. We have access to a wide range of EV charging stations from AC to DC fast charging. Our chargers are compatible with all EV models, powered by intelligent charging software and installed by certified professionals.

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Our EV Solutions are Trusted by Some of the Region's Biggest Brands

Workplace charging is an investment in the Future. Boost the benefits for employees with our industry leading technology.

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EVSE’s pre-sales consulting and ownership support helps make more of your EV fleet. From planning initial and future charging needs and space to load management, energy cost efficiency and vehicle utilisation.
We treat every business relationship as a partnership, not a transaction. Choosing EVSE is an intelligent business decision based on value for money today and value created over every kilometre travelled.

The Complete Workplace EV Charging Guide

Learn why EV charging is inevitable, how it benefits workplaces and how to get started with your charging program

What’s inside:

  • • The states of EVs in Australia
  • • Benefits of installing EV charging stations at the workplace
  • • How to offer EV charging to your employees
  • • EV charging installation 101
Workplace EV Charging Guide

We’ve got your workplace charging covered

Make electric vehicles a part of your business's future and help improve and position your business as a sustainability leader. Workplace charging is hugely convenient for EV-driving staff and sustainability is of ever-increasing importance to employees.

Trouble-free EV charging Installation

Our experienced electrical team will work with you to ensure your chargers are installed quickly and minimise downtime. After the installation, our in-house technicians will provide maintenance and support to help maximize the performance of your charging stations and avoid interruptions.

Drive your sustainability goals

Offer the convenience of charging at work while complying with the latest sustainability regulations. With smart charging management software, you can also generate reports on the use of your charging stations and demonstrate your environmental impacts.

A well-founded investment

Provide convenient and reliable charging for your employees. This shows you’re committed to sustainability making your workplace stand out and appeal to top talents. You can also make additional revenue by setting charging fees for visitors.

Exploren Smartphone App

Effectively manage your charging stations with intelligent charging management software allowing you to track, monitor and control your charging sessions via a single dashboard.

  • Get real-time visibility to better manage your charging infrastructure
  • Complete control over charging fees and user permission
  • Comprehensive charging insights

Link your workplace charger to a management system to track your sustainability goals.

  • Navigate to your nearest available Charging Station
  • Optional pay for charging on-the-go
  • View your charging history
  • Charge session notifications
  • Multi-site viewing

Workplace Charging Speeds

Offering the right charging speeds is the best way to make sure your workplace EV chargers are the right fit for both customers and your business

Trickle Charging (10km/hr)

Uses a standard power outlet, not recommended by NZ Worksafe Guidelines.

Fast Charging (40-120km/hr)

Locations where customers spend a few hours at can install multiple low-cost public chargers (e.g. workplaces, shopping centres)

Rapid Charging (300km/hr+)

Supply rapid charge speeds to customers on the go with larger DC charging stations. Best for use along highways and where customers stop and charge very briefly

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EVSE believes in a green sustainable future by delivering the latest EV Charging technology at the lowest price. All our work is certified and guaranteed with the backing of global brands.

Our team of experts can provide specialist EVSE advice and are available to answer any of your questions over the phone

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