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EVSE’s vast product range, easy installation, and advanced customer service deliver the ultimate package to its installation partners.

Easy to Install

Our charging stations are very easy to install. Save time and open up your network to new customers.


EVSE has a wide range of training manuals and installation guides. We also host training sessions monthly to ensure installations go smoothly.

Reseller Margins

Profit from using EVSE products. Our generous reseller margins will allow you to make some extra cash on top of the installation.

Our EV Solutions are Trusted by Some of the Region's Biggest Brands

“EV charger installation is easy with EVSE”

Moving into the electric vehicle space was a daunting task for our team, as we weren’t quite familiar with the products. EVSE was able to provide me with simple and clear installation instructions with free online training. Their project management and electrical engineering teams were able to guide me through my larger jobs, giving me confidence in the installation solution.

– Electric Vehicle Installer

Specialists in Electric Vehicle Charging

Give your team and customers confidence when dealing with an electric charging solution. Our highly skilled team can talk your team through the installation and can find the best solution for your client.

Reliable Products

All EVSE products have industry leading warranty, meaning that your customer will be covered for any faults. We also have a price beat guarantee on our range.

Trade Portal

Don’t waste time with quotes & emails when you can use our smart portal. This will allow you to get discounted prices on our products. Sign up today

Fixed Price Installation

Increase your productivity by quoting less. Our fixed price installation guide removes the need to quote. This will go cover the majority of installations. Saving you time

Frequently Asked Installer Questions

EVSE are experts in customer and installer-related queries as we have been integral to the electric vehicle charging movement.

What is the EVSE process?

The EVSE process begins with the initial signage of paperwork where you would agree to installation scope and pricing. Once we get the needed insurance documents and paperwork you will be added to our installation network where our partnership will commence. If there is work in your area, EVSE will contact you for installation. EVSE will offer your company reseller pricing and the appropriate support. This support includes datasheets, installation guides, and live pricing via the Trade Portal.

What is the Trade Portal?

The Trade Portal allows your team to save time getting quotes, invoices and streamlines the process. The online portal allows your team to get ex-GST reseller prices and generates the appropriate pricing. Make sure to log in to your portal instead of going to the main website, as this will give your team the most competitive pricing for electric vehicle equipment.

What are your training services?

EVSE hosts a monthly training service where we go through the installation process of our product line. On top of this, we have installation instructions, datasheets, and videos that go through the process. If you have any further questions or wish to see our charging stations face to face please contact EVSE and we can schedule a meeting where we can guide you and your team to a perfect electric vehicle solution.

What do I need to prepare for a residential home EV Charger?

You will need:

  • An New Zealand Electrician License
  • A distribution board with adequate power capacity
  • A Type A RCBO
  • Power cable with a minimum size of 10mm2
  • Isolator (Optional)

What is RCBO and what RCBO do I need?

An RCBO is a switchgear that combines both the overcurrent protection function of a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) and protection against electrocution of a Residual-Current Device (RCD). In Australia, the EV charger must be protected by an RCBO, at least Type A, at the distribution board. Our EV chargers are equipped with internal DC leakage detection, therefore, Type A RCBO can be used to protect the charger. Some EV chargers on the market are not equipped with DC leakage detection, a more expensive Type B RCBO must be employed

What is the cable size that I need to run for the EV charger?

For 16A, 3.6kW chargers, you must run at least a 4.0mm2 power cable. For 32A, 7.2kW chargers, you must run at least a 10.0mm2 power cable. Please note that the cable size varies depending on the distance between the distribution board and the charger.

Fixed Price Home EV Charger Installation

What does this include?

  1. Customer is contacted within 24 hours of enquiry by EVSE to book installation.

  2. Install your EV Charger using our low fixed price installation package. Backed by our quality guarantee.

  1. Up to 15 metre run from the electricity meter & home EV charger.

  2. Industry leading 2-year replacement warranty.

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