Ocular Flexi Load Controller

Control your use of Green and Grid Energy. FUTURE READY TODAY Introducing the only EV charger load controller that can balance the grid and solar energy

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Together with Ocular Charging we have developed the world’s most advanced load control technology.

There is always a way to improve what we do to make the lives of our customers, our technology, our business and the world better.

Our technology which has been developed in New Zealand in conjunction with the CSIRO allows the mass adoption of EV’s today.

Whether you’re searching for the ultimate in charging speed, advanced load capacity control, monetisation of a charging network, or low-cost overnight home charging, EVSE has you covered.

Ocular Flexi Load Controller

Ocular Flexi Load Controller allows you to capture the most from the sun to charge your EVs while avoiding any potential overloading of the existing electrical infrastructure.

How it works


CT clamps will be installed in the MSB to monitor the real-time
electric current. The Ocular Flexi Load Controller is then able
to understand whether the current is flowing to or from the
grid. Calculations will then be performed by the Ocular Flexi
Load Controller to determine the optimized charging speed to
all the active Ocular Chargers via Modbus TCP/IP

Ocular Flexi Load Controller supports 3 x forms of energy optimisation

Load Management Only

This mode aims to charge your EVs at the best
possible speed without overloading the
property’s electrical infrastructure. Excess
Solar Energy will be taken as a priority source
of energy. However, energy from the grid may
be utilised if there is not enough Excess Solar
Energy to maintain this best possible speed.

Solar Assist

This mode aims to charge your EVs utilizing all
the Excess Solar Power while maintain a
minimum charging speed of 6 Amps to keep a
steady charge for your EVs. Energy from the
grid will be pulled if the Excess Solar Power is
less than 6 Amps. This is the ideal set up for
fleets or vehicles that always need a baseline
load as charging will never stop just slow when
no solar is available.

Solar Only

This mode aims to charge your EVs purely
from the Excess Solar Energy. No energy from
the grid will be pulled under this mode.
Charging Session will be suspended if the
Excess Solar Power is less than 6 Amps.

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