EV Charging Feasibility Study

This feasibility study aims to assess the viability of implementing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at your designated site. The study will address critical electrical and logistical considerations to ensure a sustainable and efficient installation of EV charging at your site.

The feasibility study will guide the decision-making process for implementing robust EV charging infrastructure,

For many it’s hard to know where to start and the costs involved in EV charging infrastructure deployment. The EVSE team can ensure it is economically viable and technically feasible. The findings will help in planning the effective integration of EV charging facilities that cater to immediate and future demands.
Over 90% of EV Charging is conducted in the convenience of an EV driver’s home or office. EV charging is quickly moving from a niche service to an essential service in new developments to help attract and retain residents and tenants.

EVSE provides more than just hardware but provides a turn-key service from design support, engineering diagrams, and ongoing support to help any development big or small implement electric car charging. It’s this commitment to service that makes us #1 in Australia in new developments.

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Objectives of a Feasibility Study

The main questions this study aims to answer include:

Power Requirements:

Estimate the amount of power required for future charging operations at the site

Current Power Availability:

Evaluate the current power availability at the site

Electrical Infrastructure Adequacy:

Determine if the existing electrical infrastructure is adequate or if upgrades are required.

Charger Location & Operations;

Propose optimal locations for the chargers within the site. Assess how current usage patterns will affect future charging operations.

Cost Analysis:

Provide an estimate of the costs involved in supplying and installing the chargers.

Future Proofing:

Explore options for future-proofing the site for additional charger installations at a fair cost.


How to install and guides for electrical teams

Energy Management System:

Load management as standard to easily manage electricity loads and balance supply.

Methodology of a Feasibility Study

  • Site Inspection: Conduct a thorough site inspection to assess current electrical infrastructure and potential locations for EV chargers.
  • Data Collection: Gather data on current power supply and electricity usage patterns from the site’s utility provider.
  • Stakeholder Consultation: Engage with stakeholders, including site owners and potential users, to gather insights and preferences.
  • Cost Estimation: Obtain quotes from suppliers and contractors for the supply and installation of EV chargers.
  • Future Proofing Analysis: Evaluate technological trends and market forecasts to recommend future-proofing strategies.

Expected Outcomes of a Feasibility Study

  • The power requirements for EV chargers at the site.
  • The adequacy of existing electrical infrastructure and any necessary upgrades.
  • Recommended locations for charger installation based on usage patterns and site logistics.
  • Detailed cost breakdown for installation and future-proofing measures.
  • Strategic recommendations for optimizing the site for current and future needs.
Electrical Engineering consultancy
Our highly experienced team will help you meet current and future requirements.
Intelligent Load Management
Maximise the utilisation of your power supply with our intelligent EV Chargers via OCPP management.
Future-Proof & Scalable
Meet today’s requirements and the future with the ability to easily scale-out. 2-year warranty as standard on our charge points.
Online & Intelligent Software
See all the charging data from the cloud with optional automated billing services with our smart platforms.
End to End Service
From design to completion our experienced team is available to reduce risks and assist in implementation.

Nationwide EV Installation

What does this include?

  1. Customer is contacted within 24 hours of enquiry by EVSE to book site inspection

  2. Evaluate building supply & tailor cost effective solution by our expert team

  1. Install EV chargers in carpark with either a simple plug & play or managed solution

  2. Industry leading warranty with service agreements available to ensure safe long term use

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