ChargeAssure: Maintenance for enhanced EV Charging Reliability

Power your EV charger network with complete confidence with proactive maintenance to experience the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, well-maintained charging network.

Why do you need maintenance?

EVSE offers maintenance for your charging network to enhance the user experience and reliability of your chargers to keep vehicles moving. Maintenance is a necessary element of operating a charging network, no matter how many chargers that is. Just as service stations are regularly inspected and maintained, EV chargers must be proactively maintained to prevent potential issues and extend the life of the charger


We understand the impact of out-of-service chargers on your bottom line. Whether charging is crucial for your revenue stream or to support your delivery fleet, a dependable charging network is essential for your financial success.

User Experience

Imagine the frustration of arriving at a charger only to find it out of order. Drivers are willing to wait longer for a better charging experience, and you don't want to lose potential customers because of unreliable chargers.


Trust in consistent maintenance for local chargers. More visits, more revenue from charging time. Boost engagement time, maximize business revenue with a well-maintained charging network.

What is Maintenance?

We believe that a well-maintained charging network is the vital core of any business, and we’re here to ensure that your charging equipment keeps your electric vehicles running smoothly and fully charged, day in and day out.

Our team will send a certified electrician to arrive at your location, ready to perform an annual, routine check on your chargers. They are dedicated to proactively ensuring the safe and optimal functioning of your charging infrastructure. Our maintenance service goes beyond just ticking boxes – it’s about peace of mind, knowing that your chargers expertly maintained but we take care of everything, no hassle for you.

How does maintenance work?

Once you have opted in for the maintenance agreement and paid the invoice, our specialised team will schedule maintenance with your site contractor on the annual anniversary of your charger installation. The visiting electrician will complete a maintenance report to EVSE. A member of our team will review the maintenance report and develop a customised report for you with the results of the tests. If there are any issues or recommendations for your charger, we will include this in the report to be actioned at your discretion.


What is included in maintenance?

Our comprehensive maintenance package encompasses a range of meticulous tests and inspections to ensure the continued flawless functioning of your chargers. These include:

  • Thorough functionality tests
  • RCD tests to ensure electrical safety
  • Precise evaluation of isolator operation
  • Rigorous circuit breaker checks
  • Inspection of main wiring to ensure no loose terminations
  • Assessment of the inbuilt modem
  • Verification of load controller functionality, if applicable
  • Visual inspection of the charger’s internals

We offer on-site rectifications, utilising our inventory of spare parts to minimise downtime and eliminate repeat call-out expenses. This approach reduces avoids additional return visits, saves costs, and ensures efficient problem resolution without any inconvenience. Please note that parts are not included in the service.

Our commitment to you doesn't end with maintenance. We offer a full-service turnkey solution. From support and advice to free site assessments, hardware upgrades, software updates, and detailed reporting, we've got you covered. With EVSE, you'll have a partner who goes the extra mile to ensure your charging infrastructure is always at its best.

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