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EV Charger Installation

It’s simple, we offer a fixed price installation service with a quality guarantee for homeowners & a free site inspection and proposal for commercial sites.

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Charge Faster & Drive Further with EVSE by installing a Level 2 electric car charging station. Better yet, upgrade to our smart charging solutions to take advantage of green energy & solar.

What’s part of an EV charger Installation
  • Our licensed electricians will install your new Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE) to conform to all rules and regulations in New Zealand.
  • Full inspection of your home/office before electric vehicle charger installation.
  • Start-up inspection performed to verify equipment is fully functional.
  • New Zealand wide electric car charging station installation service available.
  • On-site electrical consultations across New Zealand to meet local standards.
  • Complete EVSE information provided to the customer on equipment features, correct usage, limitation, necessary maintenance and warranty terms.
  • New car warranty maintained as installation is to New Zealand standards with all equipment meeting the latest AS3000 wiring rules.
  • Warranties on the hardware and installation so you’re never out of pocket!

The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly increasing as the world moves towards a more sustainable future. However, the transition to electric mobility brings with it the need for reliable and efficient Electric Vehicle Charging solutions. Such solutions enable people to switch to electric cars, leading to a significantly lower carbon footprint. Such initiatives help create a cleaner environment by supporting electric mobility.

At EVSE, we provide comprehensive solutions for EV charging in New Zealand. Whether you are looking for a home charging station or need a commercial EV Charging setup, we offer a fixed-price installation service with a quality guarantee for homeowners. We provide a free site inspection and proposal for commercial sites to ensure the best solution tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Electric Vehicle Charging Questions

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Electric Vehicle Charging Times

Charging times vary by the power of the charging station and the electric vehicle’s onboard charger. Most carmakers recommend installing an EV charging station at home to improve recharging times indicated by kW (charging speed). EVSE delivers safe, affordable & fast charging across New Zealand.

Charger Level

Electric Car Distance
Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Tesla Model S


240 V 1.4kW

7.5 KM - 15 KM/hour


240 V 3.3kW - 7.4kW

18 KM - 40 KM/hour

LEVEL 2 Fast

415V 11kW - 22kW

45 KM - 120 KM/hour


DC Fast Charger

70 KM/10 minutes or 420 KM/hour


About EVSE

We make it easy to charge your electric vehicle with quality EV chargers & cables.

New Zealand’s most complete range of Universal Electric Vehicle Chargers. Powered by durable components and intelligent software, our equipment is recommended and approved by all major EV manufacturers. Charge faster today with New Zealand’s largest range.

Looking for EV charging in NZ? We can help.

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Electric Car Charging Company

EV Charging is becoming increasingly important as more people switch to electric cars to enjoy the benefits of clean energy. We at EVSE offer a wide range of residential and commercial solutions for electric car charging. Our electric vehicle chargers are designed to charge your car quickly and efficiently. The chargers are built with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and reliability.

Our chargers have smart technology to optimise charging and provide real-time data. When you choose EVSE, you invest in reliable solutions for electric car charging in NZ.


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EVSE Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, we’ve got hundreds of 5 star reviews

326 reviews

Great charger, easy to install and use!

I couldn't be more pleased with the service provided by EVSE, they demonstrated professionalism and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. The team guided me through every step of the process, from selecting the right charger for my needs to installation. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and would go the extra mile to ensure everything was working perfectly. I'm highly impressed with the efficiency and reliability of the Ocular IQ Solar they installed. It's been a game-changer for me, providing fast and convenient charging for my MG4 without any hassle. Would highly recommend as they exceeded my expectations and I'm grateful for their service.

Nikau Toa

Christchurch New Zealand

Exceptional chargers and customer service

I recently purchased an EV charger, and I must say, I'm really impressed! Not only is the product I received worked beautifully, but their customer service was top-notch. They went above and beyond my expectations, from the moment I filled in the estimate form, to the installation of my charger. Their generous 2 year warranty gives me a peace of mind knowing that I'm covered in case anything unexpected happens. Overall, I could not be happier with my experience with EVSE. I highly recommend this company!

Henry Wilson

Wellington New Zealand

Effortlessly smooth experience!

I can't praise the EVSE team enough. They promptly addressed all my inquiries, making the entire process effortlessly smooth. The electrician who handled the installation was exceptionally professional and executed the job with excellence. I have recommended them to all my family and friends who are looking to purchase an EV!

William Turner

Auckland New Zealand

Excellent for public charging

EVSE was fantastic in assessing my site requirements to insert EV chargers for my customers! The entire process and installation was smooth and hassle-free. Since installing the chargers I have received more customers into my business and have received positive feedback from the general public. Thanks EVSE!

Aroha Pere

Canterbury Auckland