EV Charging Finance - CaaS

Fully serviced EV charging solution with no upfront cost. Choose our financing options to meet your operational needs

All costs wrapped into a single ongoing monthly cost

EV Charging as a Service (EV CaaS) allows business owners to embrace electric vehicle (EV) technology without the hassle of managing the infrastructure themselves. With EV charger leasing, you not only get the necessary charging equipment and installation but also ongoing software updates, maintenance, and support for drivers.

The predictable monthly payment structure makes it easier to budget for this essential service and have no upfront cost.

EVSE will provide a 100% costed solution prior to you moving forward with confidence and can include or exclude the installation.


Want the ability to be able to finance your EV charging solution? Click here for more details. 


EVSE’s CaaS Package: 

Our CaaS package covers everything you need for efficient EV charging, offering a multitude of benefits that can streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth. EVSE’s all in one turnkey charging package includes installation, hardware, and software, which ultimately lowers capex, allowing your business more opportunity to invest in the future and the growing revolution of EVs. Our CaaS package alleviates the responsibility of installing and maintaining charging stations, allowing your business to focus on your core operations whilst embracing sustainable practices and attracting environmentally-friendly customers.


The perfect EV financing solutions for fleets, business and public charging

EVSE specialises in the supply and installation of AC and/or DC electric vehicle charging system EVSE has been at the forefront of EV changing since our inception in 2015, we understand the unique charging requirements of electric vehicles. We work with you to customize solutions that maximize operational performance and future proof your electrification plans as you scale.

Charging solutions tailored to your needs

Assessment of existing available power
on site and professional recommendation on upgrades if required

Hassle-free operations

Maximise uptime and service life by leveraging our technical and managed services. Our inhouse technicians provide maintenance and support to help maximize the performance of your charging stations and avoid interruptions.

Future-proof & Optimised

Our charging management services ensure your
stations are always up to date while keeping
costs low by reducing peak load and charging
when electricity is cheaper. As your charging
needs evolve, our solutions evolve with you.

OCPP Management Software

Easy to use, simple to manage 

Easy, intelligent, and insightful. Our charging management software
lets you track, manage, and optimise EV charging for any application. 

Revenue generation
EV Charging can generate revenue and help pay for the monthly or annual financing costs. Meet your sustainability goals and then use the income to pay for the charging system over time.

Boosting the company’s public image
If a company is socially responsible and sustainable, it can boost its public image and status among customers. So offering EV charging and promoting EV usage can only benefit the company.

Putting the company on the e-mobility map
Having charging points at your property directly puts you in online EV Charging databases. With the EV community growing every second, being listed in Plugshare and OCPP maps

Benefits of Charging as a Service (Financing)

Lower Upfront Costs
Using our financing service means lower initial investment and no upfront costs. Use the savings in converting to electricity over petrol pay for your charging stations

Predictable Expenses
We calculate the entire investment and costs, and with that calculation, you will understand the costs of the equipment monthly or annual fee without any other hidden charges.

Time and human resources involved in the project
Since EV CaaS providers will deliver the finished product and maintain everything.

Stress-free operating & maintenance
The providers operate and maintain the system after it is installed. There is no need for EV CaaS users to worry about these, which makes everything simple and stress-free for the user. Just add the software and maintenance package and you’re good to go.

Constant technical updates
Updates to the system are done regularly by EVSE so your system is ready for the future and increasing charging stations.

Customers’ and employees’ satisfaction and retention
Customer retention and employee satisfaction are the sum of all the company’s efforts. They are intended to keep customers buying from a company and keep employees happy and productive.


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