Driving sustainability

As a leader in EV charging technology, continuously innovating and adapting to stay ahead of the fast-paced development of electric vehicles, we are driving sustainability.

Committed to a sustainable future

We are committed to expanding our sustainability efforts through initiatives such as

  • Formalising sustainability and corporate social responsibility policy
  • Powering our office and warehouse with renewable energy
  • Improving recycling practices
  • Establishing a sustainable office space
  • Operating our own fleet of electric vehicles,

We believe in showcasing the benefits of electric transportation and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices.

Our Sustainability Goals

By providing electric vehicle charging stations, EVSE is promoting the use of clean energy transportation and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation sector. By promoting the use of electric vehicles, we are helping reduce air pollution and improve public health.

EVSE is a sustainable EV charger company that is able to operate in a way that is environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and technologically innovative. By focusing on these key areas, we can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient transportation system for future generations.


Our Office and employees are powered by renewable energy

Electric Car Fleet

We live and breath electric vehicles with our own fleet of electric cars

Carbon Offsets

We've pioneered carbon offsets through our EV charging software

Growing our own Forest

We're planting trees with every sale. Our only footprint should be the EV charger on your wall

Partnered for positive change with

Logo Ecologi Climate 180x

While we’re proud of our own green initiatives, we know we’re greater together. To accelerate positive change, we’ve joined forces with some incredible sustainable projects giving back to the planet. See our forest growing.

Ecologi plants trees to reduce our carbon footprint. We work with Ecologi to plant trees as part of our effort to become carbon negative.


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